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Botox in Turkey

Anti Aging Dentistry Beverly Hills

Botox in Turkey

Botox (Botox) is the leading non-surgical aesthetic treatment to slow down the effects of time and stop aging. Having begun to be used in the treatment of facial wrinkles in the early nineties, botox is a protein obtained from the bacteria named Botulinum toxin produced in laboratory conditions. It is a protein that affects only the area where it is injected by creating muscle relaxation even when it is applied in small doses. Especially used on the facial area, botox injection creates a relaxing effect on the lines and wrinkles, providing a renewed, relaxed and much younger appearance. For this reason, Botox in Turkey is highly preferred.

Which brand products are on the market? What are the most preferred Botox products?

Which brand of Botox should I prefer?

Allergan's Botox product and Ipsen's Dysport product are FDA-approved products and widely used worldwide safely. In our clinic, only the products Botox Allergan and Dyspot are used, the safety and effectiveness of which are proven. Apart from these, there are also physicians who use products of Far Eastern origin, obtained at more affordable prices.

Which areas is Botox applied the most?

The application area that botox is used the most in the world is the facial area. The most common areas where botox is applied are especially the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, vertical wrinkles between the two eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, vertical lines on the upper lip (smoker‘s lines), nose wrinkles (bunny lines) and neck wrinkles. Additionally, shaping the eyebrows and botox applications into the armpit and foot areas for the treatment of sweating are the other cosmetic application areas.

Who is Botox applied to?

Botox can be applied to anyone whose general condition is good. It should not be applied only to people with muscular diseases that adversely affect the muscles and pregnant women. Botox is a harmless and innocent application but sometimes minor side effects such as redness and headache may occur during and after the procedure, even though it is rare. These are usually temporary.

What should be paid attention to after botox?

You can easily continue your daily life after botox. Yet, there are some points you should be careful about and avoid for a couple of days. These are;
• Do not exercise on the day of application.
• Do not go to places with high temparatures such as hairdressers and saunas.
• Do not take a hot shower.
• Do not get a face massage.
• Do not swim in the sea and pool for 3 days.
• Avoid leaning forward.
• Try to sleep with your head high using double pillows especially until 2 days passes after the procedure.

How long does the effect of Botox last?

Botox application is an approximately 5-minutes procedure following the numbing with the regional cream. The fact that the application is done with very thin needles, takes the procedure to a much more comfortable level. The effect of botox starts in 3-4 days and settles within 2 weeks. Where necessary, small touches are made after 2 weeks.
While the effect of the first botox application lasts 4-6 months on average, the duration of the effect increases with the subsequent applications and may take more than 6 months. Besides, even if you do not have repeated botox applications, you can see permanent effects after a while, One of the benefits of botox is that it brightens the skin and provides vitality as if skin care was done.

Can skin rejuvenation be applied with Botox?

Mesotherapy products can also be used to rejuvenate the skin during the botox procedure. Simultaneously application of both of them can lead to much better aesthetic results. It is recommended to apply the mesotherapy products 15 days before or 15 days after Botox injection. It is possible to apply upper face botox and anti-aging vaccine to lower face and neck in the same session.
The most preferred one among the mesotherapy products is the combination of non-cross linked hyaluronic acid, collagen, zinc, H 100, Salmon DNA, Glutathione, called "anti-aging vaccine".

How is botox price determined?

Botox price is determined as the areas to be given botox injection, the amount of material to be used in the application and whether the application is performed for the first time or again varies from person to person.

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