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What is facial fat injection?

Oil Injection

Adipose tissue has a very significant repair ability owing to growth factors and hormones. Facial fat injection or autologous fat transfer is the process of removing fat from the person's own body and then using this fat to treat wrinkles, contour deformities and as filling material in order to add volume in the face rejuvenation procedure. The fat transferred this way is an ideal filling material because it is very safe as it is taken from your own body. Some amount of the injected fat melts, approximately half of it remains in living tissue and ensures achieving natural outcomes. There are no additional costs other than the cost of operation and many people have plenty of fat reserves. Especially in the last years, facial fat injection applications have become widely popular. Facial fat transfer Turkey have been attracting many patients worldwide.

How is fat transfer performed?

Fat injections can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the size of the area of application. The procedure to be performed starts with an anesthetic injection to the area where the fat will be removed. The adipose tissue is collected from the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs with the help of a cannula similar to the liposuction cannula. This fat is processed and purified. Then, anesthesia is applied to the area of injection. Refined fat is injected slowly to provide a soft and natural appearance.

How is the recovery process after fat transfer?

Minimal disturbances can usually be seen after facial fat injection. During the first week after the procedure, there may be a reasonable amount of bruising, swelling, or redness. During the first few days, an ice compress can be applied to the eyes or lips to prevent swelling. At the end of the first week, complaints such as redness and bruising are reduced. The swelling continues to gradually decrease up until a month. It would be appropriate to avoid tiring activities during the first week after the procedure. Depending on the purposes of the treatment, sometimes it is necessary for the injections to be repeated. Many scientific studies reveal that the adipose tissue does not completely melt even after years.

Where are fat injections used?

Fat injections can be used as a safe and natural filler anywhere in the body. This procedure is mostly used as facial fat injection. In the face filling, it is mostly used for enlarging the lips, filling the nasolabial grooves (grooves extending from the edge of the nose to the upper lip), volumizing the cheeks, treating the bags of the eyes, extending the chin, and advancing the forehead. Additionally, it is used as filling material in deep scars, collapsed areas after liposuction and other traumatic tissue loss.

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